The Wailing

We originally chose this movie for Father’s Day, but other things came up. This Korean flick involves a father fighting for his daughter’s life as the town where he works as a cop becomes overrun by a strange kind of sickness. Universally regarded as fantastic, we look at it from our own unique perspectives and give you our own take.

2 Replies to “The Wailing”

  1. Alec

    Another great episode! I really love the show and eagerly await every release. I listen to 50+ hours of podcasts a week (I work with my hands), and by now have heard hundreds of different podcasts. Yours is easily in the top 3 of all time (the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast is damn hard to beat.)

    Your banter is great, you have excellent insights into filmmaking, and no show makes me laugh out loud as much as this one.

    I would like to recomend a similar life-negating film from 2008, Home Movie. A family centered nightmare that disturbed me greatly, and that was before I had kids. I’m too afraid to watch it again now.

    Thank you for the awsome show! I am currently building a filmography to ease my daughter into horror films and you have given me so many great ideas.

    • toddkuhns

      Ah, wonderful! I’m adding it to the list for the next time we start feeling too positive about life. And thank you so much for the kind words, Alec! If you ever feel like it, feel free to drop a kind review on Apple Podcasts or one of the other review sites 😉

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