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  • monster club still

    The Monster Club

    Vincent Price, John Carrradine and Donald Pleasance round out half of what was supposed to be an assemblage of the 6 gentlemen of classic horror. Still, we get an anthology of three spooky tales spooky, sad, and funny, surrounded by a quirky wraparound story and three surprisingly catchy interstitial rock tunes. And if you REALLY want the full Halloween experience, check below for Elvira's commentary - not once, but twice.

  • haunt screenshot


    At the same time they were writing the soon-to-be-hit-film, A Quiet Place, writer/directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were toiling away on this nasty thriller. Evocative of movies like Hostel and Saw, it's no surprise that Eli Roth decided to nurture and produce Haunt. We're looking forward to more horror in the future from this duo.

  • home movie still

    Home Movie

    Our last film before October begins is cobbled together from home movies shot during the holidays, starting out, appropriately enough, with Halloween. Home Movie is difficult to find nowadays, but fans of the found footage genre should give it a watch.

  • the bay still

    The Bay

    That makes the horror even scarier. We're fans of the "found footage" conceit, and this faux-documentary gives a slightly different spin on the genre.

  • old people with guns

    Cockneys vs Zombies

    This zom-com fulfills a long-time request by ever-patient listener, Francis. The dead are attacking, and old and young alike must take up arms to defend themselves in merry-old England.


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