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  • the supernaturals stillthe supernaturals still

    The Supernaturals

    This poor film, which was short-lived in theaters, lived on in VHS form on the horror shelves of your local rental store. Sadly, it has yet to receive a proper digital cleanup and transfer. You can find it online if you know how to Google...

  • Children of the corn stillChildren of the corn still

    Children of the Corn

    How does Children of the Corn - and its many sequels - hold up against Stephen King's many other properties? Listen and find out.

  • misery stillmisery still


    Back in August, we lost James Caan. As Craig stated, at that time we became "contractually obligated" to review Stephen King's Misery, starring both veteran Caan and a fresh-to-the-scene Kathy Bates. Sooo many wonderful things to say about this movie that we let it run a little longer than usual. Hope you enjoy!

  • tales from the crypt stilltales from the crypt still

    Awesome Horror Anthology Films

    Horror anthologies are collections of short horror films, usually strung together under a common theme or with a wraparound framing story. It's like getting 5 bite-sized scary movies in one…

  • bill goldberg in Santa's Slaybill goldberg in Santa's Slay

    Top Christmas Horror Movies

    Do the Christmas holiday season and Horror go together? You bet! Here is our comprehensive list of Christmas-themed holiday horror movies that we've reviewed on our podcast. Or at least…


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