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    Little Shop of Horrors

    This classic from Roger Corman has spawned a hit musical and terrific 1980's movie update starring Rick Moranis. Yeah, there is the inherent 1960's goofiness in the original, but even much of that is clearly intentional. Give this short little movie a shot and you may just be surprised.

  • We Are Still Here

    We were definitely split on this unique throwback to those old Italian giallo horrors of the 70's. Shout out to Todd's main man, Lucio Fulci!

  • Night of the Creeps

    We hold mixed feelings about Fred Dekker's dated but charming send-up to classic sci-fi and horror films. But it's worth a watch if you love everything about those movies. And James Gunn (Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy) owes a LOT to this movie...

  • The Lost Boys

    Happy 4th of July! This episode has no relation to the holiday, but we thought we'd say it anyway. While you reminisce on 'merica, why not take a trip back in time to the 80's with us today to Rob Reiner's (and Joel Schumacher's) classic film, The Lost Boys.

  • No new episode this week!

    We're sorry to report that technical difficulties have prevented us from posting The Lost Boys episode we recorded for this week. We're trying to recover the file, but if we're…


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