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  • leprechaun still


    This "horror" film would have been better off as part of our kids' horror movie theme months. Nevertheless, we both held curiously fond memories about the inaugural episode of this long-lasting series of films. Starring Warwick Davis, Leprechaun went to some crazy places - Vegas, The Hood (twice) and even outer space. We decided we'd start tackling this franchise by starting with the first, starring a fresh-faced Jennifer Aniston in her first film role, just a year before Friends.

  • oliver screenshot

    Who’s Watching Oliver?

    Who's Watching Oliver certainly divided us and is not to everyone's taste. But with fantastic acting and cinematography, we did agree that the film had merit. If you wanna check it out, it's on a couple streaming services right now.

  • the omen in the car

    The Omen

    It was this movie - 1976's The Omen - that brought him out of TV directing and into a wildly successful career in feature films. A solid entry into the "satanic cult craze" of late 70's horror (which started with The Exorcist), it features a practically-out-of-retirement Gregory Peck as the stepfather of the antichrist.

  • exorcist 3 still image

    The Exorcist 3

    The Exorcist 3 is a weird an uneven and (as usual) plagued by studio interference. But it IS the source to one of the single-most-notoriously-effective jump scares in horror cinema. And yes, we talked about that too. Thanks to Adam for the request!

  • one cut of the dead still

    One Cut of the Dead

    In fact, this is another one of those weeks where we suggest that ALL of our fans go out and see this film before listening to the episode. Its charms - and there are many - will be best experienced if you don't go into it knowing much about it, much less a play-by-play of the plot. You've come this far with us. You can trust us. This is worth your time.


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