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    Cannibal Girls

    We really love our tribute episodes. Not only do they allow us the chance to reflect on an actor or filmmaker's life and work, but also because they often send us to some more obscure stuff that we might never have chosen on our own. We might have had a little TOO much fun with this one, as it got Todd into some real-life trouble of his own. Apparently recording our podcast is more hazardous than you'd think. Listen in to find out why!

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    What’s Up, Patreon?

    Do us a favor and have a quick listen to why and how we're launching this Patreon page.

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    The Deep House

    If that's not enough to send you to the streaming services, how about if we told you that it was indeed shot entirely underwater, with 100% practical effects? We really enjoyed this French flick that managed to wring some novelty out of a well-worn genre.

  • stage fright stillstage fright still

    Stage Fright

    We skipped over the more obvious Rocky Horror Picture Show for the less obvious but promising Stage Fright. This brutal 2014 horror-comedy-musical - only the second horror-comedy-musical we've reviewed on this show - didn't quite float our boats, but it gave us a perfect vehicle for revisiting the career of this unparalleled talent.

  • valentine movie stillvalentine movie still


    ever-ending quest to attach a horror movie to every holiday each year, we unearthed this 2001 slasher featuring an all-star cast of the hottest onscreen beauties of the day in another slick post-Scream whodunit. Be careful whose attention you spurn on this day of love!


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