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  • slumber party massacre screenshot

    Slumber Party Massacre

    Well, thanks to listener request, we finally found an excuse to check out the Driller Killer in all his phallic, penetrative action. Hard to believe this is the first in a series of three Roger Corman-produced slumber party massacres. And a remake is in the works!

  • ghostwatch screenshot


    Thus began the tantalizing meme that led us to this week's episode, reviewing the horror mockumentary, Ghostwatch. We think many people who grew up during the early 90's in Britain have strong memories of this one, as evidenced by the commentary on our Facebook feed when I proposed this episode. And good news: You can watch this one online in all its glory at the Internet Archive.

  • rosemary with knife

    Rosemary’s Baby

    To celebrate Mother's Day, this year we're examining a classic of the "motherhood gone horribly wrong" genre: Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby". If you have yet to see this film, we highly recommend you watch it BEFORE you listen to us talk about it. It's that good.

  • candyman still


    Now that Jordan Peele has completed filming and will be releasing a new version, we felt it was time to finally tackle this iconic horror franchise. We couldn't believe how well this 1992 film held up.

  • nicholas cage goes crazy

    Mom and Dad

    Then belly up to this jet-black comedy that makes fun of those moments when parents just want to murder their kids. Listen to this week's episode to learn why we were not as thrilled with it as everyone else seemed to be. Maybe we're just not old enough to understand?


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