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With early CGI morphing in all its glory, in-your-face incest, tons of celebrity cameos, and some fairly brutal violence, it doesn’t hold much back. You just kinda wish it turned out better as a result.

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Some truly excellent performances make this unusual thriller stand out.

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IT – Part 2 (1990)

Suffice to say that we found the conclusion even more disappointing than we remembered it being.

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IT – Part 1 (1990)

There’s another remake on the horizon. So we thought we’d pay tribute to Stephen King’s magnum opus, “It”, by looking back at the TV miniseries that scared a generation of kids and adults, while putting clowns around the world out of work.

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Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is beginning to show its age. Once considered one of the better of the Stephen King adaptations, we take some issue with that notion while still admiring a compelling story and one fantastic actor.

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