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  • Needful Things

    We picked this movie because he had such a prominent role. Have a look at yet another Stephen King adaptation and see how it stacks up to the book.

  • sleepwalkers still


    With early CGI morphing in all its glory, in-your-face incest, tons of celebrity cameos, and some fairly brutal violence, it doesn't hold much back. You just kinda wish it turned out better as a result.

  • cujo closeup


    Based on a Stephen King novel, it departs from his book in a couple significant ways, which we discuss at length. Enjoy!

  • pennywise with fangs

    IT – Part 2 (1990)

    Suffice to say that we found the conclusion even more disappointing than we remembered it being.

  • IT – Part 1 (1990)

    There's another remake on the horizon. So we thought we'd pay tribute to Stephen King's magnum opus, "It", by looking back at the TV miniseries that scared a generation of kids and adults, while putting clowns around the world out of work.


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