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Sleepaway Camp

It’s the middle of summer! Time for a month of summer-themed horror films from the 2 Guys Studios. Kicking it off this week is that staple of the rental store shelves, Sleepaway Camp. Most notorious for a “shocking” twist ending, this otherwise forgettable summer camp slasher is a sort of low-rent Friday the 13th. It’s worth discussing, though, as we both discovered during this week’s episode. Check it out!

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Hell House LLC

For a good example of how filmmakers can do little with nothing, this low-key horror film seems to push all the right buttons to pull you in and keep ahold of you until the surprise ending. Give this week’s episode a listen for all the details, but we highly recommend you watch the movie first.

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As Above So Below

A team of people follow an ancient secret path through the catacombs of Paris to find the mythical philosopher’s stone that turns base metals into gold. So much promise, but what a letdown.

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The Suckling

This laughable attempt at a film at least falls into the “so bad it’s good” category when it’s not offending your sensibilities. And to think Todd first thought this was a faith-based film touting the dangers of abortion…

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Don’t get us wrong – it’s an extremely well-made film and we enjoyed it considerably. Listen to our discussion for the subtle nuances and a special tribute.

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