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  • alligator girl

    Tokyo Gore Police

    All you need to know is in the title. We follow the exploits of an "Engineer Hunter" in the madcap and bloody world of the future, where the Tokyo Police are privatized and brutal, hunting mutants who grow weapons from damaged body parts. It's as crazy as it sounds.

  • header

    The Ring (2002)

    It's a bleak story, but we both seemed to like it a lot better on the second go-round. Listen to also discover how it compares with the Japanese original. Shout out to loyal listener, Jordan, for this week's request. Thank you!

  • Hausu

    Craig and I have a divided opinion over this rare love-it-or-hate-it movie that's often described as "a live-action Scooby Doo." Not to be confused with the 1986 American horror film "House", or its comedy-horror sequel, "House 2".


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