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Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead

Normally we would wait until winter time to review a film about Nazi snow zombies, but we got several requests for this one. So we decided to throw it up during request month. And we both agree that this one is even better than the original.

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Def By Temptation

Request month continues with this early 90’s (and it shows) film with an all-African-American cast and crew, produced by Troma, and featuring Samuel Jackson and Kadeem Hardison from A Different World. It may be a bit plodding, but at least … Continue reading

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Some truly excellent performances make this unusual thriller stand out.

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The Reef

Very reminiscent of 2003 survival horror film Open Water, The Reef gives us a few more characters and a slightly different situation. It’s even also based on a true story.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer

It’s a star-studded cast in some breakthrough roles from writer Kevin Williamson, fresh off of the Scream franchise and Dawson’s Creek TV show. It’s just not as good as you may have remembered.

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