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    In this case, we identified as many charms as flaws in 2005's Cursed - a movie with a production history that lives up to its title. Hear more inside. And thank you, dear listeners, for 250 solid episodes of support! Let's raise a bloody glass to 250 more.

  • wishmaster djinn


    This Wes Craven-produced short franchise is a special-effects extravaganza with a fun villain and an interesting premise: What would happen if you awakened a modern-day genie who wasn't so blue and friendly?

  • blacula closeup


    Directed by a William Crain, a black director, and helmed by the Shakespearean actor William Marshall, Blacula is essentially your standard Dracula story transported to an urban setting. And it's not nearly as bad as its goofy title would lead you to think.

  • horror movie posters

    Horror Movie Lists

    Looking for a new horror film to watch? Try starting with one of these categorized lists we've compiled, based on movies we have already reviewed on our podcast.

  • boys in treehouse

    Family-Friendly Horror Films

    We talk a lot on our podcast about how we believe children's media diet ought to include some difficult, challenging, and scary material from time to time. Some of our…


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