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  • 31


    Happy Halloween! We end our series with the latest from Rob Zombie, aptly titled "31".

  • Woman and kid scared

    Trick or Treats

    Part four of our Halloween extravaganza was a fun episode to record. That doesn't necessarily mean the movie was fun. Listen for some laughs, but stick around for some fascinating movie history surrounding the director of this otherwise laughable cinematic attempt.

  • The Midnight Hour

    This made-for-TV movie event from the 80's starred some well-known faces, but it hasn't remained well-known. You probably missed it when it first aired, and it enjoyed an extremely short release on home video and DVD that you probably missed too. But don't miss our discussion about this film that, despite its many flaws, had some good moments and didn't fail to put us in the Halloween spirit.

  • knife through door, guy on other side


    Despite being billed as "the first gay slasher film," not many people have heard of this 2004 micro-budget indie movie. It did not receive a wide release, but it's now available for streaming online, 14 years later, and we both concluded that it is definitely worth a watch. Listen here for our analysis

  • butcher on the subway

    The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

    The Midnight Meat Train is a visceral, uncomfortable tale about a photographer, Leon, scouring the city for the perfect shot to impress a mover-and-shaker in the art world. In the process,…


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