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Society (1989)

Neither of us can figure out how this shocker escaped our notice all these years. All we can say is, better late than never. Whatever you do, save yourself the surprise ending by not reading anything online about this before you see it.

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You’re Next

This home invasion film puts a bit of a twist on the genre. We both enjoyed discussing this fast-paced gem.

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Anyone out there heard of Ravenous? We thought not. This almost forgotten flick featured an all-star cast and a strong story, but flew almost completely under the radar. We unearth this unique gem and talk about what makes it so fun – and funny.

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Let the Right One In

Many fans herald this as the best vampire tale of all time, so of course we had to give it a watch.

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For this second week of our horror-themed Christmas films, we headed straight to the theater for this brand new film from the writer-director who brought us Trick-R-Treat. And man, did we love this film!

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