The Changeling

Request time again. On the heels of Mother’s Day, we bring you a movie about what happens when you have a terrible, terrible father. In a way, it just serves to emphasize the importance of good, strong mothers. George C. Scott plays a composer stumbling his way, puzzled, through a haunted house. SUPPOSEDLY based on a true story, but don’t you believe it (says Todd). Thank you, Vincent, for your request!

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Mother’s Day (1980)

What better way to celebrate mother’s day than with a movie that shows just how far sons can go for their beloved mama? We expected to hate this movie but were pleasantly surprised. Listen as we fall all over each other to offer some guarded and highly qualified opinions for this overlooked – but notorious – classic.

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The Toxic Avenger

Special thanks to Phantom Dark Dave for this timely request, around the same time that it has been announced that a potential remake is in the works. Maybe this time it will happen. Regardless, Todd was anxious to subject Craig to another Troma film – one that goes to the heart of the studio, first introducing its most infamous icon.

toxic avenger poster

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The Stuff

Our tribute to Larry Cohen is a social commentary on companies that make products that harm people. An unknown mutant ice cream/yogurt/whipped cream concoction bubbles out of the ground and makes people crazy, but that doesn’t stop a company from packaging it up and making it into the hottest item of the century.

We saw it on the shelves as kids. Now, both of us finally get to watch it. Hear what we thought.

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It’s not the Gremlin-knockoff you always thought it was!

critters poster

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