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  • watcher in the woods still

    The Watcher In The Woods

    What starts out as a simple ghost story takes a sharp and somewhat baffling turn. But what we can say about The Watcher In The Woods is that it's definitely unique and controversial - and Bettie Davis' role as Mrs. Aylwood is iconic.

  • The Gate

    A bunch of kids are humanity's last hope to close the gates of hell, which they have inadvertently opened, thanks to an unlikely string of coincidences. Have a listen to see if it lives up to Craig's memories!

  • still from the house on sorority row

    The House On Sorority Row

    Sure, it's a bunch of girls in a sorority house getting stalked by a killer. But this incredible combination of Black Christmas, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and I Know What You Did Last Summer comes wrapped in a definite Hitchcockian vibe, which just elevates this material to something greater than the sum of its parts.

  • killer klowns still

    Killer Klowns From Outer Space

    We dedicate this episode and all of its clown gags to Tyler, who is turning 30 this week and requested this episode in celebration. Happy Birthday, buddy! Enjoy your thirties. They really are the best.

  • city of the living dead still

    City of the Living Dead (aka The Gates Of Hell)

    Well, nobody ever accused famed Italian horror director Lucio Fulci of making classy films. Or even comprehensible ones.


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