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  • michael myers

    Halloween 2018

    Something about this baby just works, and Craig and I had a ball discussing it. Happy Halloween, everyone!

  • geena davis sexy vampire

    Transylvania 6-5000

    Not that it doesn't TRY to be funny. With an all-star cast helmed by Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., and a super-sexy Gina Davis, it should've worked at some level. But maybe the Du Pont Chemical Corporation just isn't cut out to produce films after all. Anyway, even if the laughs are groaners and come from the least-intended places, you could do worse for Halloween. We tend to appreciate this kind of Universal-movie-monster stuff this time of year a little better. Thanks, Vincent, for the request!

  • witchtrap shot


    If you learn nothing else about Witchtrap, you must know this: It is NOT a sequel to Witchboard! It just has the same writer, director, actors, poster art, and villain character design. It's super-dumb, but its saving grace is that it also has: Linnea Quigley! Enjoy the episode, you chuckleheads.

  • the wailing still

    The Wailing

    This Korean flick involves a father fighting for his daughter's life as the town where he works as a cop becomes overrun by a strange kind of sickness. Universally regarded as fantastic, we look at it from our own unique perspectives and give you our own take.

  • pumpkinhead about to kill a kid


    Pumpkinhead is a morality tale about the nature of vengeance, and (spoiler alert) we basically had nothing but good things to say about it. If you haven't seen it yourself, check it out before you listen to our chat. And no, there's no creature with a pumpkin for a head in it. That would be stupid.


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