Humanoids From the Deep

We’re back in Roger Corman’s camp with this sci-fi / horror hybrid that crawled out of the lake and into our hearts. Check out the blatant sexism of Humanoids from the Deep!

humanoids poster

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Jaws 3-D

As a goofy time capsule of your typical 80’s film, it’s a fun ride through an improbably plot and even more improbable special effects. Still, some great actors generally make the best of the hilariously bad material they are given, making for an experience that could have been much more boring than it turned out to be.

jaws 3d poster

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Sleepaway Camp

It’s the middle of summer! Time for a month of summer-themed horror films from the 2 Guys Studios. Kicking it off this week is that staple of the rental store shelves, Sleepaway Camp. Most notorious for a “shocking” twist ending, this otherwise forgettable summer camp slasher is a sort of low-rent Friday the 13th. It’s worth discussing, though, as we both discovered during this week’s episode. Check it out!

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Hell House LLC

Yes, yes, another found footage movie. You’d think we’d be sick of them by now, but this one came at us out of nowhere and gave us a good jolt in the process. For a good example of how filmmakers can do little with nothing, this low-key horror film seems to push all the right buttons to pull you in and keep ahold of you until the surprise ending. Give this week’s episode a listen for all the details, but we highly recommend you watch the movie first.

Hell House LLC poster

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The Cat People (1942)

The Cat People poster

The Cat People (1942)

A man marries a mysterious woman from Serbia who tells a strange legend about people who look and act like cats. They drift further apart due to her erratic behavior, and we begin to wonder if she isn’t one of these Cat People herself.

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