Interview: Linnea Quigley + Creepozoids

We were extremely excited to spend some time chatting with scream queen and horror icon Linnea Quigley on today’s episode. Since her debut in 1975, she has racked up more than 160 screen credits and shows no sign of stopping. We were honored to ask her about her experiences working on the low-budget horror features of the 80s and 90s, as well as her work with her personal passions such as animal rescue. Special thanks to Ms. Quigley for taking time out of her busy schedule to join us today!

Also, we talked about Creepozoids.


The Deadly Spawn

This homage to B-Movie sci-fi films of the 50s becomes the very definition of a “creature feature”: An entire film centered gratuitously around a big, ugly monster and little else. Back when this rare and gritty low-budget gore-fest beckoned from the video store shelves, neither of us had a chance to see it. Thank you, Internet.


There’s Nothing Out There

Before “Scream” paved the way for a steady stream of self-aware horror movies, there was “There’s Nothing Out There.”

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Bone Tomahawk

We were told this was a horror movie, although it’s at least 70% straight Western. Which doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy it. On the contrary, the star-studded cast and excellent writing made this a good watch and fine discussion.

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Death House

The Expendables of Horror….what a promising concept, yet lousy execution. We didn’t have a lot of good things to say about this disappointing outing, based on a script from the late Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface). A rousing game of “spot the celebrity” helps to pass the time, even as you consider what a waste it is to assemble so many horror icons for this nonsense.

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