The Fly 2

February is once again our Month of Sequels again this year. We already did the David Cronenberg version of The Fly and gave it high marks, so we thought we’d give the sequel a spin.

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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2

Tommy requested this sequel-in-name-only to Prom Night. We enjoying chatting about this surreal, odd little movie that should make a bit more sense than it does. The spirit of a dead prom queen haunts and possesses poor Vanessa to avenge her death…or something.

prom night 2 poster
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Major thanks to Francis and the others who requested this 1950s-style monster movie from the 90’s that was such a staple of our childhoods. We were reluctant to do this one for so long because we are both so familiar with it, but in the end we were happy to revisit it in all its B-movie glory. Thanks again for the request!


The Purge

Kicking off Request Month is this request from long-time listener, Karthik. We enjoyed having a rare political discussion (don’t worry folks, we don’t get too deep) and dissecting this film that made bank at the box office and spawned a few sequels and a TV show. Thanks for the request, and if you have any more, please let us know!

the purge poster
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Bloody New Year

Happy New Year 2019! Sure wish we could’ve brought you a better New Year’s themed horror film this week, but we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. If anyone has any better ideas, let us know and we’ll put it on the list for next year!