Four female directors tackle four different tales centering around women in this interesting concept film. We both love horror anthology pics, but we ended up a bit divided on this one overall. Have a listen to find out why.

xx poster

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Night of the Living Dead

RIP George Romero. Our tribute episode to a man who changed the face of horror and exploitation film forever. And if you want to watch it yourself, Night of the Living Dead is in the public domain and is available for free from any number of sources. Here’s one:

Night of the Living Dead poster

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Where to begin. Well, it’s a practical effects extravaganza. You get double the storyline for your money. There’s a host of zany characters. When you have three credited directors, what could possibly be wrong? Before you check this one out, let our podcast prepare you for all the time you will wast….er, spend watching this “night of unrelenting terror”.


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