Cujo is one of the earlier Stephen King adaptations, about a killer dog with rabies. Some truly excellent performances make this unusual thriller stand out. Thanks to Adam for the request via Facebook! It’s request month, so if YOU have a request, send it in and maybe we’ll do your movie soon.

cujo poster

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The Reef

We wrap up our month of summer horror with another shark film. Very reminiscent of 2003 survival horror film Open Water, The Reef gives us a few more characters and a slightly different situation. It’s even also based on a true story.

The Reef movie poster

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I Know What You Did Last Summer

What did we learn here, folks? We learned that some of these 90’s mainstream “horror craze” films have not aged as well as you might remember.

I know what you did poster

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Humanoids From the Deep

We’re back in Roger Corman’s camp with this sci-fi / horror hybrid that crawled out of the lake and into our hearts. Check out the blatant sexism of Humanoids from the Deep!

humanoids poster

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Jaws 3-D

As a goofy time capsule of your typical 80’s film, it’s a fun ride through an improbably plot and even more improbable special effects. Still, some great actors generally make the best of the hilariously bad material they are given, making for an experience that could have been much more boring than it turned out to be.

jaws 3d poster

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