The House of the Devil (2009)

Who’d have thought I’d end up with another satanic cult movie?

2009’s The House of the Devil has some great poster art. It concerns a penniless college student (aren’t they all?) looking for money and finding it from a babysitting job for an eccentric family. Madness eventually ensues.

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Friday the 13th: Part 2

The first appearance of Jason as the killer requires a few leaps in logic and plausibility, but it did set up one of the most iconic movie villains and longest-running horror franchises in the business. It also makes for a charmingly dated and tame summer camp slasher movie, which we only realized upon revisit.

friday the 13th part 2 poster

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To the Devil a Daughter (1976)

I’ve already said how much I love a good supernatural horror film about devil worshippers. Girls on stone altars, priests in black robes chanting and performing blood rituals – what else would the doctor order for a late October evening with Halloween fast approaching?

To The Devil…A Daughter did not fit the bill. It’s a lame and slow moving film, anti-climactic, plodding along from beginning to end. I barely got through it.

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The Call of Cthulhu (2005)

I popped this movie in because it was late and I didn’t have the stamina for a full-length film.

I have an affinity for micro-budget fan projects where a group of fans get together, bonded by nothing more than pluck and a ravenous enthusiasm for their subject matter, and pitch in to make a little movie. Whether or not great cinema happens, it still inevitably ends up with the same charm as … I don’t know … let’s say a silent film from the early days of filmmaking, when people were first figuring out what the medium could do and  experimented in their basements. The same ingenuity is at work.

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Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror (2007)

Straight from the Dogg Pound comes a mediocre horror anthology with an urban twist.

In “Crossed Out,” a local witch doctor – for reasons unclear – blesses an orphan with the ability to kill vandals by spray-painting a big red X over their tags. It’s more of a sequence than a story – reminiscent of a music video in its frenetic energy, impatience with plot or character, and straight-to-video special effects.

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