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  • bill goldberg in Santa's Slay

    Santa’s Slay

    What do you expect with a professional wrestler carrying the show? Don't expect much, but anyway, it's fun for a certain crowd.

  • silent night deadly night still

    Silent Night Deadly Night

    Both of us learned that our memories of this notorious Santa slasher did not do it justice. We even forgot that Linnea Quigley had a role. Come listen to our take on one of horror's most infamous films.

  • pilgrims at the door


    Only found on Hulu as part of Blumhouse's "Into the Dark" full-length feature series, "Pilgrim" is a goofy yet disturbing tale of what happens to a family that is not so thankful for what it has - and somewhat-improbably based on a true story. Happy Thanksgiving, dear listeners! We are truly thankful for each and every one of you.

  • boys in treehouse

    Summer of 84

    Nodding heavily to Stranger Things and all the other similar movies we grew up with in the 80s, it took a sharp turn and ended up waaaaay darker than we expected. And kudos for that.

  • scare me still

    Scare Me

    Wild with creativity and carried by two incredibly talented actors, we felt like we stumbled into something really special when Craig dug up Scare Me on the Shudder streaming network. Check it out!


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