Night of the Comet

More of a horror-comedy than straight horror, this quirky 80’s throwback took us both by surprise. Two Valley Girls try to adapt to a world without boys and the typical teenage fascinations when a comet passes by the earth and obliterates humanity, turning many of the few survivors into zombie-type creatures.

And yes: It’s also a Christmas movie! Happy Holidays!

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

It’s our 150th episode!

To celebrate, we decided to return to our roots. We started this podcast with the Wes Craven film, The People Under the Stairs, and so we tackled one of our favorite Freddy Krueger films, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors.

This iconic entry in the franchise set the stage for a series of successful sequels and is responsible for cementing Freddy Krueger into the pop culture forever. It may not have aged particularly well, but we had a hard time giving too many harsh words to this favorite from our childhoods. Do you remember it well? Give this a listen and let us know YOUR thoughts and memories from this movie.

And a special thanks to all the listeners who have stuck with us through the years. Here’s to another 150!

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Thanksgiving Special: Blood Rage

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! We’re happy to treat to you this long-lost slasher film with all the trimmings: cheesy 80’s music, hilarious over-the-top gore effects, laughable acting, and ridiculous writing. Whip it out to wake up your relatives during the post-turkey food coma phase of your celebration. Just remember, everyone: That isn’t cranberry sauce!

blood rage poster


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Stuart Gordon sure has the market cornered on killer doll movies. This more or less kicked off a line of low-budget features in the same vein that would sit on video shelves for decades. It’s not a great one, but there is a certain charm about this borderline kids’ horror film that we explore in this week’s episode.

dolls poster

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Horror of Dracula (1958)


Horror of Dracula is Hammer’s response to Universal’s classic Bela Lugosi Dracula film.

It’s impossible to resist comparing the two. Horror of Dracula begins with John Harker’s trip to the castle to kill the vampire and ends with a dramatic scene of Van Helsing attempting to do the same. While it follows the book a bit more closely than the Universal version (which is based on the popular play), it still takes tremendous liberties with the story and characters.

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