Braindead / Dead Alive

In the USA, it’s known as Dead Alive. The rest of the world knows this early Peter Jackson film as Braindead. But Jackson’s passions for practical effects, humor, and cartoonish violence are up there on the screen, as is bucketloads of gore. Braindead is often cited as the goriest film ever made, and it’s hard to dispute. But it’s a big favorite of Todd’s, and a request from at least one of our listeners over the years. Enjoy!

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We always have fun on our show, but this week we had maybe even a little more fun than usual with this 80’s cheesefest. Listen carefully for Craig’s big reveal.



We can’t really say “thanks” to loyal listener Shane for requesting this week’s movie. Maybe he wanted to punish us? What did we ever do to you, Shane?



We hit another request this week, this time from loyal listener, Gary. It’s a late 90’s, low-budget Canadian flick that spawned a franchise. There are more than 2 sides to this story…6, to be exact.


IT: Chapter One (2017)

We were pleased to once again welcome Stephen King super-fan Jordan to guest with us on her request this week: 2017’s take on Stephen King’s iconic story, IT.

The second part to the story is set to release next week, a scant 29 years after the original miniseries scared our kid pants off. You may remember we did a two-part series of podcasts over that series and Tim Curry’s legendary performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

We reference that project AND the book, of which all three of us are intimately familiar…but maybe not quite as familiar as Jordan, who is such a fan of King’s novel that she bears a custom tattoo to commemorate its impact on her life. Thanks again, Jordan, for your request and your unique insight into this terrifying tale.

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