It’s not the Gremlin-knockoff you always thought it was!

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Bill Oberst Jr. Interview: Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

This week, we have a special guest on to chat about everything from the state of horror to Abraham Lincoln’s accent. Bill Oberst Jr. is an Emmy Award-winning, mega-prolific actor in the horror genre who has amassed nearly 200 roles in just 10 short years. His down-to-earth and honest persona contrasts sharply with the killers he usually plays (when he’s not playing, say, a talking dog), and we enjoyed some deeper conversation than usual about what it means to make and watch horror films.

Oh yeah, and we talked about the Asylum mockbuster Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.

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A high-concept flick that was clearly dreamed up over cocktails between friends, Zombeavers is our latest request from loyal listener, Ryan. And what a ride it is. We found more charm here than your average , thanks to some excellent writing, great cinematography, and the decision to “keep it real” on the…um…beaver effects.

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This week’s request comes from Joseph – last year’s breakout horror hit, Hereditary. It boasts a stellar cast and, in its own way, brings Rosemary’s Baby into the 21st century. Thanks again for the request!

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The Lair of the White Worm

We’re jumping back to a few requests this month and tackling this Ken Russell film that is difficult to categorize. Is it self-aware satire or just a cheesy failure? Is it horror or comedy? There’s a lot to unpack here in this surprisingly fun film. Thank you, Robin, for suggesting it!

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