What started as a fake trailer with Eli Roth’s name slapped on it became a full-fledged killer clown movie. Such is the way of the internet. Like many of the critics before us, we felt this movie was uneven enough to prevent us from giving it the full stamp of approval. However, it manages to be bloody entertaining at times, simply by going where few dare to tread.

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Well, it ain’t gonna win any awards. You know how much fun it is popping bubble wrap? Poking through the plot holes in this film held about as much entertainment for us in this hour-long episode. Give it a listen and feel free to laugh along with us.

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Zombie Nightmare

R.I.P Adam West. You may not have been drug down into the grave by a zombie, but we miss you nevertheless.┬áThis turkey – one of his few horror films – has to be one of the absolute best so-bad-it’s-good horror flops.

Once you’re done hearing us riff on it, head over to Netflix for the MST3K episode.

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