For our tribute to the late, great British actor Ian Holm, we came around to his role as Ash in 1979’s Alien. If you haven’t seen Ridley Scott’s original Alien by now…well, we can probably forgive you. After all, its intense and exciting sequel (Aliens) is where most of us have spent the majority of our Alien-watching hours. Nevertheless, there is nothing to criticize about this incredible film, which set the stage for a franchise that shows no signs of stopping today.

With one glance at the cast list, it should go without saying that this is an incredibly well-acted movie, and Ian Holm’s powerful-yet-understated performance is among the top of the ensemble. We were sooo happy to finally have a good excuse to revisit this landmark film.

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  1. Kyle Harris


    Great episode and in depth discussion of Alien and the late Ian Holm. Lots of fun as always. I always compare Alien and Aliens with The Terminator and T2 not only a James Cameron connection but also the similarities in that the first film in the series is more horror centric and the sequel is bigger and more action driven. Although I have my preferences, all are so great and well executed I couldn’t really argue which is better with someone..the first film or the sequel. Hope you guys are doing well during these times and look forward to the next episode!

    • toddkuhns

      Hi Kyle! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I agree that the first and second films inhabit almost completely different genres. I preferred the sequel when I was a kid, but now I kind of relish the slow-burning dread of the first one as well. Especially with the director’s cut. It’s such a beautiful and well-acted movie.

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