The Witches

Jim Henson’s last project before he died involved some incredible puppet and makeup effects in this incredible film, based on a Roald Dahl novel. It turned out to be much scarier than we remembered, making it a perfect selection to continue our month of family-friendly horror films. And the remake is on the way, so we’ll see how it measures up to the original.

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  1. Kyle Harris

    Enjoyed The Witches episode immensely! I was around 7 yrs old when it came out and was at that perfect age to be terrified of but also obsessed with this movie. Couldn’t agree with both of your descriptions more. Also listened to your Night of the Demons episode and cracked up throughout. Would love to hear your takes on horror films from last year like Midsommar, The Lighthouse, or Us to name a few.

    • toddkuhns

      Thanks Kyle! We occasionally do newly-released horror films, so you might see one or two come up in the near future. But you might have noticed we do trend towards digging out the oldies, forgotten gems, or obscure ones that people might not know about. Especially now that I am in China, and horror films generally don’t get released here. So I don’t usually get to see the latest and greatest until they show up on streaming.

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