Stuart Gordon sure has the market cornered on killer doll movies. This more or less kicked off a line of low-budget features in the same vein that would sit on video shelves for decades. It’s not a great one, but there is a certain charm about this borderline kids’ horror film that we explore in this week’s episode.

dolls poster

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Horror of Dracula (1958)


Horror of Dracula is Hammer’s response to Universal’s classic Bela Lugosi Dracula film.

It’s impossible to resist comparing the two. Horror of Dracula begins with John Harker’s trip to the castle to kill the vampire and ends with a dramatic scene of Van Helsing attempting to do the same. While it follows the book a bit more closely than the Universal version (which is based on the popular play), it still takes tremendous liberties with the story and characters.

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Burnt Offerings

We varied a bit on our final assessment of this admittedly classic haunted house story, starring the incomparable Karen Black and Bette Davis. But you’ll want to listen primarily to hear Greg gush over Bette Davis.

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Happy Halloween! We end our series with the latest from Rob Zombie, aptly titled “31”.

31 poster

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Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

Satan's Little Helper PosterHey guys, let’s make a movie!

The idea came as a title: “Satan’s Little Helper.” Get it? It’s like Santa’s Little Helper, only EEEVIL. It just popped into my head one night while watching an old rerun of Dana Carvey’s church lady sketch on SNL.

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