Don’t Go Into The Woods

The new gold standard against which all our “bad” horror movies are judged. You’ve been warned.

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Dead Silence (2007)

Dead silence posterOf all the themes within horror, you don’t get enough of the possessed-ventriloquist-dummy. Those dolls are inherently creepy. They’re designed to look alive when operated, so they look like grinning corpses when sitting on a shelf. However, you can only get so much mileage from that fact, and that’s where Dead Silence begins to disappoint.

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The Woman In Black (2012)

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Modern horror runs the gamut, from old-fashioned ghost stories to torture porn and everything in between. What’s nice about this genre is that there’s something for everyone. Maybe you prefer to cuddle up to a creepy tale and don’t like blood and guts and grave-busting. Maybe you feel like an adventurous encounter with cannibals in the jungle. Perhaps you’ve jumped on the zombie bandwagon, either for the Lord of the Flies survival aspect or the social commentary.

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Don’t Breathe

A group of friends break into a blind man’s house and end up with more than they bargained for. Produced by Sam Raimi, this wildly successful thriller combined suspense with some fairly brutal violence. Have a listen for our take on it.

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Near Dark (1987)

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Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark is a monster movie that doesn’t really want to be a monster movie. We covered it on the podcast as our Bill Paxton tribute episode after his death last year.

You won’t see any pointy teeth and you’ll never hear the word “vampire” uttered. Yet cowboy Caleb, played by Adrian Pasdar, has unmistakably fallen victim to a ragtag gang of Creatures of the Night of a kind you’ll find familiar and must contend with the possibility of a life forever altered.

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